The Siberian huskies are very active dogs and they are more preferable choice for many people around the world. In general finding the best dog food for huskies involves by knowing the needs of the breed. The husky dogs usually have little amount of food and as the breed has high metabolism this small food will be lasting them for long time, but the small amount of food should be rich in nutrition and protein. These kinds of dogs are unique in its feeding habits and it is almost self-regulating one as to the amount of the food it eats. These husky dogs are a very stubborn dog which means if they dislike certain kinds of food then simply they refuse to eat.

These Siberian husky dogs have revered history of participating in the sled races and had won the hearts of families all over the world. With prominent wolf like facial appearance, this breed is originated from Arctic lands of Siberia and they are utilized for pulling heavy loads over long distances. Today husky dogs are as energetic as they are very loving and they also require plenty of nutritious and protein rich diet, exercise. To make selection of food for your pet is bit easier task and below are some of the top reviewed best dog foods for huskies, from puppies to the seniors and adults. They are:

  • Taste of the wild
  • Wellness CORE natural gain free dry dog food
  • Blue buffalo life protection
  • Nutro max dry dog food
  • Orijen original dry dog food

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