Dating goes digital

Gone are the days when those random exchange of glances were turned into dating sessions and later got converted into infinite love between two people. Worn out are the days when your parents had to select the partner for you and you were sent through number of unintentional embarrassing sessions and this hesitance of talking to each other prevailed high because you simply didn’t know from where to start since you exactly didn’t know the nature of your partner.

Times have changed since then. Today technology helps you in finding your love. It helps in the sense that there are numerous platforms and media thorough which a boy and girl can communicate and perceive each other and if all goes right, the relationship can be taken further. One such example is of the best dating chat app. This application brings together boys& girls under one roof where they can chat, communicate and date each other. The application gives the leverage to use it free of cost and it doesn’t charge a user of anything. Though it has the ratings of 4.4 yet its free of cost. It doesn’t have any of those long boring procedures like registration. A user won`t even have to register his or her email id in order to use the app. Read More